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If I was given the chance to sit down individually with people and they asked me to play some songs that reflect my journey this far. So far these would be what I'd love for them to hear.
When I crossed that line inside of myself as a writer I finally saw that "if I didn't live it then I can't write it".  I then started writing songs that had a common thread that we all have lived and survived. I wish I had the space to put the testimonies I have received at shows but I don't.
I hope you enjoy it and find a little of yourself in it. I don't make stuff up for a living, living does that for me.



You can now purchase individual tracks if you like they are in the MP3 format for your player.

(written by: Dan Demay, Brandon Kinney and Jamie Teachenor)

As heard on the nationally syndicated radio show
"The Phil Valentine Show"

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Dan Demay - And Then SomeAnd Then Some
Dan Demay
1.   Money That Bends (d. demay, c. lance) listen to a clip
2.   The Faith Of A Woman (d. demay, d. burgess)
3.   And Then Some (d. demay, d. turnbull, g. smith)
4.   Don't Let Nobody Know (d. demay) listen to a clip
5.   If Something Should Happen (d. demay, d. turnbull, j. brown) listen to a clip
6.   Drunk I Am (d. demay, t. shepherd)
7.   This Side Of The River (d.demay)
8.   Bye-Gones (d. demay)
9.   The Sound Of Trains (d. demay) listen to a clip
10. The Circle (d. demay, c. wiseman)


You Can't Hide Redneck - Tracy Lawrence
TRACY LAWRENCE - You Can't Hide Redneck

(Casey Beathard/Dan Demay)

For the Love is by turns contemplative ("For the Love," "As Easy as Our Blessings," "Til I Was a Daddy Too"'), comic ("You Can't Hide Redneck"), mournful ("Speed of Flight") and exultant ("You're Why God Made Me"). But Lawrence offers a simpler description. "It's country," he says.


Everybody Does - Martina McBrideMARTINA MCBRIDE - Everybody Does

(Mike Mobley/Rachel Proctor/Dan Demay)

All told, this is the perfect CD to revel in McBride's stunning voice showcased by sensational lyrics and musicianship from some of Nashville's best writers and players. With Waking Up Laughing, McBride delivers the goods on arguably her best creative effort yet.


If Something Should Happen - Darryl Worley
DARRYL WORLEY - If Something Should Happen

(Dave Turnbull/Jim Brown/Dan Demay)

The record label has gotten incredible response to this when they’ve played it for radio stations. And I think if you want to come out of the box with a sure-fire, number-one smash, this is the one. As soon as I started listening to it, it just floored me. Basically, it talks about a guy who thinks maybe he has cancer. He’s going in for surgery and talking to a best friend about looking after his family if something should happen. I actually thought these songwriters had gone and called my family, because my grandpa Clyde passed away with cancer, and my grandmother’s name was Kathryn. Her best friends were Mary Ann and Bobby, who spent time with her, took her to movies and took her out to eat after my grandfather died. As soon as I heard those names in the chorus, I said, “All right. Turn it off. I’ll cut it.” It instantly brought tears to my eyes. There are some other things on down deep in the song that are just as uncanny. So this song is about a part of my life. I could’ve written it myself. I think this came my way because it was meant to.

 Stream this track in Real Audio (this stream is coming from Darryl Worley's Website.)

Crazy Every Time - Tracy ByrdTRACY BYRD - Crazy Every Time

(Casey Beathard/Billy Currington/Dan Demay)

This is kind of a different feeling song for me (Tracy Byrd). It's still a country record, but it's almost got a folk influence to it with the mandolin. It's another song that allows me to stretch out on the chorus. That high note in the song is at the very top of my scale. The song reminded me of when I was a kid and grew up out in the middle of the country. We used to run the bridge over the river where the train ran. That was the first thing that came to mind when I heard the song. I never jumped off the bridge, but I certainly thought about it a few times.


Part of the proceeds from the CD sales goes to sponsor SOUL'S PALETTE for the purchase
of art supplies for the therapy of chronic and terminally ill cancer patients.
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